Friday 28 August 2009

New Competitions :)

Hi all,

Sorry for not posting anything for awhile but I was too busy + I didnt work on anything so there were no new news to be posted :)

But I found a couple of days some news about new games competitions and animation competitions

First Game Maker Games Website launch his second mini competition by now. Its theme is Pacifism. The compo started today and will last till 13th september. There is no prizes just fame and review of the Game on the website. So if anyone intersted for joining here is the link.

Second is Video/Animation contest to participate you must submit superhero or villan monologue. You can use flash or Camera or a site like XTRANORMAL. About the deadline it will be 18 september. There are cool prizes for that compo the Heroic prize pack is about 250$ and the Villainous Prize Pack about 55$ and there is other prizes, you can find about them at this link. For more information and how to submit your entry here is the link.This is all the news for now.



  1. You entering the GMG Mini Comp.?

  2. I am still thinking in that If I had got an idea I will enter :) what about u??

  3. 60/40. I'm already developing a game for it, but it isn't going super well.

  4. Nice Waiting to see it :) May be its a good game :)