Saturday 1 August 2009

About The New Game :)

Hey All,

I didn't choose yet a name for my new game :) it still un-named :) and not finished yet :)

I decided not to say anything more than its a shooter game :) made for GameCOG explosion compo

Also I will post some screen shots of early version of the game :)

Thats everything for now :)
See u soon with the finished version of this game :)


  1. howa enta naweet te2leb vector graphics 3ala tool wala aieh

    fenn resomatak el gamda elly kont bete3melha kol game

  2. hehehehe :D
    Not for long when the game the best graphic is vector I remain it in vector form :) But the Ninjaki game is not like that :)

  3. This is real good graphics I swear.Love the games too.

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  4. Yes it has to be vector because the shotting games need calculations and programs to run behind the graphic layer.

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  5. Hey Pardip it was vector because it fits more with the game and faster to be drawn than detailed objects :D