Sunday 23 August 2009

Bactoriam Full Version Released

Hi All,

Sorry for not updating the blog for long time, But I was busy in training and other stuff so I didnt work on anything till yesterday.

I finished yesterday the full version and waited to launch it today. As I said before I am going to participate with it in 3 Compo


Experimental Games


I have uploaded the game on GameJolt and also on 2BeeGames and on YoYoGames for playing and GameCOG have a link on GameJolt page also Experimental is the same too.

So In full version:
- I modified the music (removed the blank time in the music before it starts)
- Highscore tables for all gameplay modes and difficulties
- Fixing some serious bugs I didnt notice (Thanks to Mozarty for reporting the Bug to me and my brother SaSa for finding when the bug happens)

Hope I win in the any of the above compos (GameCOG or 2BeeGames) :)

Link of the Game: GameJolt / YoYoGames

Keep waiting this week for some news about Ninjaki and first look on it.

Bye Bye

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