Saturday 15 August 2009

Bactoriam Game :( Bad News ):

Hi All,

Sorry for not posting anything lately, But I was working on Bactoriam Project.

Now time the game is finished everything in it except some few stuff like the power-ups and highscore tables.
The problem is I wanted to make the game fully with the mouse with no keyboard interaction I managed to make a good game engine that do that.

But the problem is that the game is un friendly some how in controlling + there is a strange bug I dont know if it is from my PC or from the Game Maker or from what ??? where the game goes wild like all variables are multiplied by 2 which is not good.

Although of all these stuff I will release it. Although it won't be so good :( I hate to say that. Hope to be released by sunday at max.

I will released as beta version where to get any feedback for updating the game to make better or for solving some bugs I missed.

Sorry for not posting the few past weeks.

Bye Bye


  1. Cool. I look forward to giving it a whirl when you release it as a beta.

    As for the problem with your game, you can always ask on GameCOG! :P

  2. @Joshua: I will do so. I will release it today night I think Hope it is a good concept

    @mozarty: keep waiting for today :)