Monday 24 August 2009

Ninjaki first look

Hi All,

Today was the last day for beta delivery of Ninjaki game on Arabic Forum called Montada.

Since the beta was only moving engine and some animations and effects and firing of 3 different weapons (although there are 4 done efficiently by now).

When you see the screenshots you will say HOW THIS GAME RELATES TO NINJA THEME ????

The answer is easy you wont play with ninja but you will fight them.

Heres the screenshots (early looks may changes in future)

This screenshot shows the player holding a shotgun and there is some birds flying in sky.

This screenshot shows the player shooting with the shootgun

This screenshot shows the player firing with a Bazooka :D

This screenshot shows when the explosion of the rocket fired from the Bazooka :D

Hope you enjoyed the screenshots.
Hope to finish that game as I think it will amazing game when it is finished as I put lots of work in making these effects :)

Bye Bye for now :)


  1. the idea look unique, also game effects look fun and worth to try, so good luck and thank you for your participant =D

  2. Thnx Prinsu-Kun hope I can finish it and it do well in the compo :)

  3. The game looks very good, are you using the Lite Edition of Game Maker to make it?

  4. Yes as I do it and all other games using GameMaker Lite :D as I dont have license to PRO version :)

  5. So when will there be a demo or when will this game be released?

  6. I will see :) as I didnt work on it since monday as I was too busy and have lot of work :)

    when I return back to work on it again I think it will take about one week till first demo is released I think :) Hope so :)

    Wait soon when i return to work on it I will post about it here and some other stuff :)