Monday 17 August 2009

Bactoriam Beta Released :)

Hi All,

As I said this day morning that Bactoriam Beta version will be released today. I finsihed the beta version and released it on GameJolt and GameCOG websites for testing and feedbacks.

In this game you play with Bactoriam King of Bacteria who wants to prove that bacteria isnt the minimum bare creature in universe.

I won't say alot here about the game, its better to let the game express itself. (GameJolt)

Things that will change in final version:
- May be the music (if someone interested in composing music for Bactoriam, Plz contact me)
- Featuring Highscore tables
- Fixing any exsisting bugs
- May be sound effects too

Go now and test and the game and give me your feedbacks :)
GameJolt link

Bye Bye


  1. try making version for each contest :D

    and the game has bugs

    other than that the game is hard and good as expected

  2. can report the bugs to me :)
    Thnx for the comment :)