Wednesday 15 July 2009

New Competition And Final Posters

Hey All,

First of all there is a new competition started couple of days ago at 11 but I knew about it right now its GameCOG 3rd compo.

The deadline for the compo is 29/8 there is still good time for anyone to participate in it. The theme of the competition is "Explosion", from my view its a nice theme lots of ideas can came up for it, You must upload the game on GameCOG website then refer to its link in the forums and by that way you are participated.

May be the prizes are good may make some people participate:

First Place: $20 + Review + Front Page Showoff + Gold Badge/Award + Banner
Second Place: Review + Front Page Showoff + Silver Badge/Award + Banner
Third Place: Review + Front Page Showoff + Bronze Badge/Award + Banner
All Participants will be shown on the front page (list), and will be awarded the Participant Award and Banner. is again sponsoring our competition, offering the GameMold Choice Award of $20.

So there is a probability to get 40$ as a prize :) also they made a fun flash advertisement if you would like to see here is the (link)

I hope if I can participate or not :-?? but for whom interested here is the link again for more information.

About the Tocco Project i have finished the two posters and they went to be printed by the time I think, here they are hope you like them and tell me your opinion :)

Thats all for now :) Hope you enjoyed the posters and tell me your opinion



  1. I always want to enter a gamecog competition but I never like the theme.

    Those banners are really cool looking.

  2. :) Thnx hope I can see an entry for u there :)

  3. Thnx :) Mozarty :) Hope that you liked it :)