Monday 6 July 2009

Some small news about new Projects

Hey All,

In the now time, I have two running projects. One is a Game and Second is a Poster for my cousin Graduation Project.

The Game is top secret right now but when I have a small WIP to show you I will upload it :) I am working on the engine and arting at same time and I finished about 10% of the engine and no more than 3% in graphics so it need more time.

But What I can say about the game is that its made for a competition in an Arabic Forum called Montada (This is a translated link) where the theme of the competition is Ninja Warriors.

About the second stuff (which is a poster for my cousin graduation project) his projet is Multi touch surface (like microsoft surface) but in more simpler way.

Beside the surface he is doing a pen which can act on the projector output as the mouse also you can use more than one pen.

So I am working on making the poster for that project (Tocco Project) as he is kidna busy and the project deadline is near around two weeks and there still some bugs and issues that must be solved.

By the way he made a blog for the progress of the project so If you are intersted you can take a look (link)

When anything cool is finished I will upload it on the blog. But both (my) projects are still in begining.

Bye for now


  1. just don't make the logo like cesurfer :D

  2. The most important that my cousin love it and want it even if it was like cesurfer :P

  3. I want the new game ! Also, you really like competitions don't you? . Looks like that gives you enough motivation .

  4. You are right alex competitions give me a push to start and always motivate me to finish my work but sometimes when I have problems in my life this motivation fades :)

    Wait for the new post for a new small competition that I am going to participate in :)