Wednesday 8 July 2009

Project Poster First Look and Some News

Hi All,

As I said before that I was working on a poster for my cousin graduation project. I don't know If I said that or not but we agreed to make two posters for Tocco Project as It is divided into two parts (I don't know If I said that Before but anyway Tocco project is two parts one is touch surface by fingures and the second is pen that can draw on any projected screen from a Projector)

I have worked for 2 days for now in making it and getting an idea. Yesterday I managed to make the first look on the poster

(Note: the Poster is larger than that image but because its size is so huge so I uploaded a resized version)

Hope u like it. I have lots of other news about competitions and other stuffs.

The IGF has opened the doors now for the submission so if anybody interested to join here is the (link) for students there is no fees on participation so I may join don't know if I had time for that.

Also QOG (a user on GameJolt website) started a 2 hour competition on the forums like the ones that happens on Poppenkast where the theme is MADNESS so you have to develop a game in 2 hour to participate I want to participate but I don't know if I can finish the game in two hours so I will try as I have a very awesome small idea. (for more information about compo here is the link)

Third and the last thing is that Experimental Games was re-opened again where every month a prototype game competition is held. This site is managed by Kyle Gabler (The Creator of World of Goo) also Petri (the Creator of Crayon Physics Deluxe). Do you know that World of Goo was created as a prototype called tower of goo on that website also Caryon Physics was the same too.

That all the news for now :)

Waiting for comments on the first look on the first poster :)

Bye Bye


  1. "feel the touch"
    who came up with that ???!

    but the poster is good

    nice work 3bs

  2. thanks mozarty :)
    the word is from my cousin mind :) sorry for being away for awhile as i was travelling and came today :)

  3. "Feel the Touch"

    I don't know if you are amazed by it or got a shock.
    In the latter case, suggest instead of complainig.

    have FUN :D