Tuesday 28 July 2009

News and Competitions

Hey All,

Sorry for not updating here for awhile but I was too busy in making the new game and training and lots of other stuff.

About the new game:

I didn't pick a name for it and there is still lots of works to be done and I wish I can finish it before tommorow at 11:59 pm GMT as I wish to submit it in GameCOG competition. (Oooops my mistake I read the ending date is tommorow but I figured out that it is in August not July sorry)

Second thing is news about new competition that will start on GameJolt next month. I may participate in if the theme is nice. For more information here is the link.

This is all news for now Hoping to finish the game by tommorow Wait for Tommorow (may be not tommorow) :)


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