Friday 3 July 2009

New Competition

Hi All,

There is a plenty of competitions out there and I am participating on one on Arabic forum but the game will be in English ofcourse :)

Today I found a new competition on GameJolt not made by GameJolt team but by the owner of GroundZero Website the competition theme is Making a Really Hard Game.

Although it must be hard it must also be beatable :)

The problem in that competition is I know it right now which only leave for any one 3 days before the deadline (6th July).

I don't think I will participate in it as I am busy this period so If anyone intersted this is the complete information about the competition (link).

Hope to see really nice games there :)

Bye Bye


  1. so what will you do in that arabic compition

    also post the link to that compition

  2. The link is found in the newest post

    here is the link of the post: