Monday 20 July 2009

News and New Competition

Hey All,

Sorry for being away for some days but I am a bit busy these days as I have at morning training at computer company and I returned home at 6:30 and sometimes I go out and dont opent the internet to update my blog. Sorry for that.

Some Good News:

KwikLook featured my game CrytorYan as I asked him to try it and if he likes it post about it in his website and its the first time that someone likes a game and post it on his website. Here is the link.

The second news is about a competition made by the GameMakerGames Website its theme is "Sound design in gameplay" it something wired so if you like to join here is the link for more information.

Thats for now :) I may make a mini game like CrytorYan soon :)



  1. Are you gonna be joining that competition?

  2. I dont think as I may participate in Arabic Forums and in TIGSource Compo i think hope I can finish any of them also if there is time I may participate in GameCOG competition so more Compos will make me confuse :D

    So i dont think I may participate in it :)

    What about it????

  3. I'm glad you appreciate the review. :)

  4. Hope you like the game :) as well :) as It gets crazy alot of time :) Hope you like my other games